08/04/2023 [DBFZ World Tour 2023-24] Applications for the Tenkaichi event are now being accepted!

# Tournament Organizers

  • Now accepting Tenkaichi Tournament applications for DBFZ World Tour 2023-24! ⇒Click here to Apply
    • We are currently accepting applications for the first round of Tenkaichi Tournaments that meet the following criteria:
      1. Held between August 8, 2023 and November 26, 2023 (Tournaments after these dates may be considered at a later time)
      2. Offline, open-entry tournaments that meet the requirements.
      3. 16 or more entrants
      4. Live stream of the tournament, with public VODs available afterward
    • For more information on how to apply, please see the TO Registration Page or the Tournament Organizer guides below.